Annex I - List of Member States' Work Plans and Strategies

This Annex provides a list of links to strategy documents, policies and work plans on ICT standardisation that are available in the Member States, sometimes comprising several links depending on the respective document structuring in Member States. This list is for reference only. It does not claim completeness and only represents a current snap shot.


French webportal for digital economy policy:

Framework for interoperability and security:


German digital strategy:


Agenda Digitale for Italy:


Dutch Digitization Strategy  (June 2018):

Nederlandse Digitaliseringsstrategie: Nederland digitaal - Hier kan het. Hier gebeurt het | Rapport |

Digital Government Agenda, NL DigiBeter (2019):

Dutch National Interoperability Framework:

Dutch Standardisation Forum / open standards policy:

Testing secure websites and email:


Slovenian digital strategy:

Frequency management strategy 2022:

National broadband strategy 2020:

Cyber security strategy:

The Slovenian Digital Coalition:

Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia:

The Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia:

National interoperability framework:


Digital Agenda for Spain:

Spanish National Cybersecurity Strategy:

Spanish National Interoperability Framework, English version:

Original Spanish version:

Strategy on Technical Interoperability Standards:

Technical Interoperability Standard for the Catalogue of Standards, English version:

Official Spanish version: plus


Digitalisation Strategy:

eGovernment Strategy:


eGovernment Strategy Switzerland:

Switzerland National Cyberstrategy 2018-2022:

Switzerland Information Society Strategy-Digital Switzerland Strategy:


UK government policy on standardisation:

Strategy on ICT:

Strategy on spectrum:

ICT infrastructure consultation:

Internet of Things development:

Plans and progress on the National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCSP):

Government ICT procurement and the use of standards: