Annex III - Term Definitions and Main Abbreviations



The three European standards organisations are listed in Annex I to Regulation 1025/2012/EU, i.e. CEN, CENELEC and ETSI. Among other activities, they adopt European standards.


The MSP is an advisory group to the Commission on matters relating to the implementation of standardisation policy for information and communications technology (ICT), including its work programme, priority-setting in support of legislation and policies, and identification of specifications developed by global ICT standard development organisations. It is composed of members of the national authorities of Member States and EFTA countries, industry associations, societal stakeholders and organisations representing ICT standardisation stakeholders.


The AUWP is a formal document adopted by the Commission identifying the strategic priorities for European standardisation, taking into account Union long-term strategies for growth.


AAL Active assisted living

ADMS Asset Description Metadata Schema

AG Amsterdam Group

AIOTI Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation

AM Additive manufacturing

AMNPO Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office

AMQP Advanced message queuing protocol

APT Asian Pacific Telecommunication

BDVA Big Data Value Association

BIM Building information modelling

BSI British Standards Institution

CAM Connected and Automated Mobility

CBOR Concise Binary Object Representation

CCEV Core Criteria/Evidence Vocabulary

CEF Connecting Europe Facility

CERIF Common European research information format

CII Cross-Industry Invoice

CIP Competitiveness and innovation framework programme

CIS Consent & information sharing

CISE Common Information Sharing Environment

C-ITS Cooperative ITS Communication Standards

CMS Content management systems

COAP Constrained Application Protocol

COC Code of conduct

CORE Constrained Restful Environments

CPS Cyber-physical systems

CSA Coordination and support action

CSC Cloud Standards Coordination

CSCC Cloud Standards Customer Council

CSI Cities Standards Institute

DECT Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications

DOA Digital object architecture

DSM Digital single market

DSRC Dedicated short-range communications

ECC Electronic Communications Committee

ECEP European common enforcement priorities

EEAP European electronic access point

EETS European Electronic Toll Service

EFC Electronic fee collection

EFFRA European Factories of the Future Research Association

EMSFEI European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing

EPC European Payment Council

EPS Electric Power System

ERN European Reference Networks

ERPB Euro retail payments board

ESEF European single electronic reporting format

ESMA European securities and market authority

ESO European standardisation organisation

ESoP European Statement of Principles

ESPD European single procurement document

EUPP Energy using and producing products

EV Electric vehicles

EXEP Expert group on e-Procurement

FIBO Financial industry business ontology

GDC Green Digital Charter

GICTF Global Inter-Cloud Technology Forum

HAN Home automation networks

HMI Human-Machine-Interaction

HON Health On the Net

HRM Human resources management

HTG Harmonisation Task Groups

IAB Internet architecture board

IBOPS Identity-based attestation and open exchange protocol specification

ICT Information and communication technologies

IDM Information delivery manual

IDMP Identification of medicinal products

IFC Industry foundation classes

IFM Interoperable fare management

IFRS International financial reporting standards

IMF Interoperable master format

INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European

IoT Internet of Things

ISA Interoperability solutions for public administrations

ISMS Information security management systems

ITLET Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training

ITS Intelligent Transport Systems

JISC Japanese Industrial Standards Committee

KET Key enabling technologies

KMIP Key management interoperability protocol

KPI Key performance indicators

KTN Knowledge Transfer Network

LOD Linked open data

LSP Large scale pilot

MOOC Massive open online course

MoU Memorandums of understanding

MQTT Message Queuing Telemetry Transport

NFC Near field communication

NSF Network security function

OAM Officially appointed mechanisms

OASC Open & Agile Smart Cities

OCC Open Cloud Consortium

OGC Open Geospatial Consortium

OGF Open Grid Forum

OMG Object Management Group

PACS Picture archive and communication systems

PCHA Personal Connected Health Alliance

PII Personally identifiable information

PLC Power line communication

PMRM Privacy management reference model

PO Publications Office

PoS Point of sale

PPP Public-Private Partnership

PPS Production planning & scheduling

PSA Programme Support Action

PSAP Public safety answering point

PSI Public sector information

QKD Quantum key distribution

QoE Quality of experience

QoS Quality of service

QSC Quantum safe cryptography

RED Radio Equipment Directive

RAN Radio access networks

RAS Robotics and autonomous systems

RDA Research Data Alliance

RE Renewable Energy

REEIF Refined eHealth European Interoperability Framework

RES Renewable energy sources

RTS Regulatory technical standards

SAGA Strategic Advisory Group on Accessibility

SAML Security assertion markup language

SBR Standard business reporting

SCIM System for Cross-domain Identity Management

SDO Standards Development Organisation

SEIF Semantic energy information framework

SEPA Single euro payments area

SGCC State Grid Corporation of China

SIP Strategic Implementation Plan

SLA Service level agreement

SME Small and medium-sized enterprises

SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SNIA Storage Networking Industry Association

SSP Smart Secure Platform

STA Smart Ticketing Alliance

STIR Secure Telephone Identity Revisited

TARV Telematics applications for regulated commercial freight vehicles

TC Technical committee

TGF Transformational Government Framework

TOSCA Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications

TR Technical Report

TS Technical specification

TSP Trust service providers

UAAG User Agent Accessibility Guidelines

ULE Ultra-low energy

UPS Uninterruptible power sources

VIN Vehicle Identification Number

VOT Vectors of Trust

VRU Vulnerable Road Users

WAVE Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments

WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

WCPS Web coverage processing service

XDI XRI data interchange