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The Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation provides a unique bridge between EU policies and standardisation activities in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), allowing for increased convergence of standardisation makers’ efforts towards European policy goals. This document is the result of a yearly dialogue involving a wide-ranging representation of the major standardisation’s interested parties as represented in the multi-stakeholder platform on ICT standardisation. The Rolling Plan focuses on those actions that can support the EU policies and does not seek comprehensiveness as regards to the work programmes of the various standardisation bodies.

The identification of the standardisation actions in support of European policies made in this document is complementary to other instruments, in particular to the annual Union work programme (AUWP). The Rolling Plan further details the requirements for ICT standardisation, articulates them in the form of actions and provides a follow-up mechanism for the actions.

The Rolling Plan 2018 identifies 170 actions organised around four thematic areas: key enablers, societal challenges, innovation for the single market and sustainable growth.

The Commission has identified five priority domains1 — 5G, cloud, cybersecurity, big data and internet of things (IoT) —where ICT standardisation is considered most urgent for the completion of the digital single market (DSM), as well as a number of application domains that will benefit from standard setting in those horizontal technologies, in particular eHealth, intelligent transport systems, smart energy and advanced manufacturing. The Rolling Plan 2018 continues to include actions in support of the priorities indicated in the Communication.

The Rolling Plan is a living instrument. Compared to the 2017 edition, in the Rolling Plan 2018 new sections have been added (RegTech standardisation, Blockchain and Distributed Digital Ledger Technologies) and some sections were merged (eHealth and healthy living and ageing, Fintech and Regtech).

Rolling Plan policy areas and chapters

Key enablers and security

Societal challenges

Innovation for the Digital Single Market

Sustainable growth



2018 revision - PDF version

The PDF versions of the 2018 Rolling Plan can be downloaded from the European Commission's Europa website.



The Commission would like to thank all Members of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardisation for their active collaboration and for making this document possible: the EU Member States, EFTA States, standards developing organisations (ETSI, CEN, CENELEC, ISO, IEEE, IEC, ITU, OMG, IETF/IAB, OASIS, Ecma, W3C/ERCIM, UN/CEFACT), industry associations (Business Europe, Cable Europe, Digital Europe, ECIS, ETNO, EBU, EuroISPA, SBS, OFE, Orgalime)and stakeholder associations (AGE, ANEC, ECOS, EDF, ETUC).