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EU: STORK project Deliverable - Interim Report on eID Process Flows

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Published on: 15/05/2009 Last update: 25/06/2009 Document Archived

Description (short summary): For successful completion of deliverable 4.1, it is necessary that the legal and trust environments are understood as well as the technical and non-technical interactions. It is only possible to carry out cross border service transactions if the IT architecture can operate legally in all the member states applying it and convey with it confidence in the identity of the user notwithstanding technical interoperability. In the early stages of the work the focus was on understanding each action, which would carry them out and in what sequence. Exchanges of e-mails, meetings and workshops acted to clarify thinking and drive forward emerging solutions for further exploration. As the discussions broadened out to encompass more stakeholders it soon became apparent that data protection legislation rendered some potential solutions impractical and not legal. The work also identified that the legal concept of vires would play an important part even in a customer centric solution.

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