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EU: STORK project Deliverable - List of Commission A2A Services of Common Interest

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Published on: 15/05/2009 Last update: 26/06/2009 Document Archived

Description (short summary): This document aims to identify a way to incorporate the findings of the EU co-funded project STORK into the A2A services operated by the European Commission for itself and for the Member States. Several of these services of common interest are described in the following by way of example, and special attention is devoted to the European Commission Authentication System (ECAS) in chapter 3, which could possibly be the starting point for including electronic identities into the username/password solutions which are currently still the commonly accepted access method for ICT systems. The scope of the Deliverable 7.3 is defined by the Description of Work (DoW) as a subtask 7.1 of Work Package 7. In contrast to citizen-oriented communication, this deliverable does not only involve subgroups of the MS participating in the Pilot and the specific applications run by them; instead it concerns the profits to the EU27 as a whole, since these applications are operated by the Commission – or other European Institutions – for all MS alike. eID is offered as an additional feature for enhanced security. Number of pages: 16

Description of license: © STORK-eID Consortium

Nature of documentation: Official reports and studies


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