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STORK2.0 (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0; https://www.eid-stork2.eu/) contributes to the realization of a single European electronic identification and authentication area. It does so by establishing interoperability of different approaches at national and EU level, eID for persons, eID for legal entities and the facility to mandate. Service Providers can interconnect to the STORK national infrastructure and consume user identification services. In this way they can authenticate users and receive identify information, controlling and granting user access to their services without the need to maintain an authentication solution.

The current project, STORK2.0 Interconnection Supporting Service (ISS) simplifies the interconnection of Service Providers to the STORK2.0 infrastructure. In order for an existing Service Provider (SP) to utilize the STORK2.0 framework it must act as STORK2.0 SP. This requires the use of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_Assertion_Markup_Language) documents in order to request identity attributes and retrieve their values. The SP can then use the values returned in order to grant access to private services. The STORK2.0 Interconnection Supporting Service (ISS) is an easy to use module that handles all STORK2.0 complexity. With its utilization, the SP just needs to interface with the ISS, requiring minimum effort, and the ISS takes care of the STORK 2.0 complexity and communication protocols (SAML requests and responses). The ISS is a Java EE Web Application and can be co-hosted with the Service Provider or in a separate server

The ISS is open by design and allows the existing software to be extended and translate any information to any custom SP needs. The SP and the ISS communicate in an SP specific way in order to exchange information about a user session and ultimately provide their services to the end-users. In essence, the ISS provides easy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in order to translate STORK2.0 related information to specific SP needs and vice-versa.

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