stork 1.0-MS 1.0-MS

11 years ago

A package to establish yourself as a STORK enabled Member State, using a PEPS, according to the final specifications in D5.8.3. It contains the following files:

- readme.txt
    This file

- STORK_OverviewForNewMS.pdf
    An introduction to STORK, explaining architectures, procedures and a lot more.

- PEPS 1.0 Installation Manual.pdf
    The manual to creat your own PEPS
- Installable Modules
    The source code and config files for building your PEPS
  - STORK-Commons
  - STORK-Specific
  - STORK-VersionControl
  - STORK-IdP1 (option that checks recognized user/password)
  - STORK-IdP2 (option that checks recognized certificate)
  - STORK SAML engine
- Set of Citizen Certificates
    Meant to execute the first tests.