Basque Openness and Reuse Decree for Software Applications

Published on: 24/07/2012
Last update: 23/08/2012

This document is an English translation of decree 159/2012, of 24 July, which regulates the openness and reuse of computer applications of the public administration of the Basque Autonomous Community. The Decree thus establishes the conditions applicable to openness or public availability and reuse of the computer applications of the public administration of the Basque Autonomous Community, which shall be considered as open source computer applications. In particular, common guidelines area established regarding the terms and conditions of use applicable to the acquisition, development, maintenance, configuration and evolution of any source code of computer applications, and to its openness.  

This document is an English translation of the Governmental order detailing Article 4 of the Decree, specifiying which information model and catalouge application is to be used by the Basque public sector to meet the reuse process specified Article 5 of the decree.

This policy document [TO BE PUBLISHED] lays down the technical structure of the information of the catalogues that must be contained in the Open Source Application Directory of the Public Administrations of the Basque Autonomous Community.

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