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CPSV Application Profile WG Virtual Meeting 2014-12-11

Published on: 29/10/2014



  • Meeting Chair: Miguel Alvarez-Rodriguez (MAR) (ISA Programme)
  • European Commission: Miguel Alvarez-Rodriguez (ISA Programme), Peter Burian (ISA Programme)
  • Scribe: Michiel De Keyzer (MDK)
  • Editor: Nikolaos Loutas (NL)
Agenda Item Time Owner Subject
1 5' MA

Welcome and overview

2 15' MDK

Key concepts: "Key Business Event"

3 30' MDK

CPSV-AP Domain Model:

Public Service




4 20' MDK Mandatory and optional classes and properties
5 20' MDK

Controlled vocabularies

6 10' MA
  • Next steps and preparatory work for the next webinar
  • Q & A



Time: Monday 11 December 14:30-16:30 CEST (UTC+2) (world clock)

For the connection to the meeting, you need to make both audio and web connection.

Web connection:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Enter as a guest" and enter the room

Audio connection:

The audio connection can be established by calling in from your device (dial-in) or by letting the system call you (dial-out).

  • When letting the system call you, please make sure you enter the direct number on which you can be reached. Please also make sure the system does call in on a switchboard.
  • When calling in yourself please follow the steps below:
  1. ​Dial one of the following Local or International Access Number:

    Austria: +43 720881666
    Belgium: +32 28081363
    Estonia: +372 6680336
    Finland: +358 931581701
    Greece: +30 2111980078
    Latvia: +371 67859601
    Lithuania:+370 52058997
    Poland ++48 223008605
    Spain: +34 911876444

  2. Dial the Conference Room Number: 1323004
  3. Follow any voice prompts.

Test your connection:

Meeting Minutes

Date File Status Comments
2014-12-17 D02_02-Meeting Minutes Webinar III-20141211_v0_06.docx   Meeting Minutes
2014-12-10 2014-12-11 - Presentation for Webinar 3_v0.04.pptx N/A Presentation used during the webinar




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