DCAT Application Profile WG Virtual Meeting 2013-05-08

This document contains the agenda and meeting minutes of the DCAT Application Profile Virtual Meeting of 8 May 2013.


Time: Wednesday 8 May 2013, 16:00-18:00 CET (UTC+1) (world clock)

For the connection to the meeting, you need to make both audio and web connection.

Web connection:

  1. Go to http://ec-wacs.adobeconnect.com/dcta3rd/
  2. Select "Enter as a guest" and enter the room

Audio connection:

The audio connection can be established by calling in from your device (dial-in) or by letting the system call you (dial-out).

  • When letting the system call you, please make sure you enter the direct number on which you can be reached. Please also make sure the system does call in on a switchboard.
  • When calling in yourself please follow the steps below
  1. ​Dial one of the following Local or International Access Number:
    Belgium: +32 2 808 13 63 
    France: +33182880967 Germany: +498922061600 Luxembourg: +35220880608 United Kingdom: +442033189433
    For additional national acces numbers, please visit the following link: http://www.meetingone.com/us/customer/a1international.cfm
  2. Dial the Conference Room Number: *1321479#
  3. Follow any voice prompts.

Test your connection:



  • Meeting Chair: Antonio Carneiro
  • European Commission: Szabolcs Szekacs, Vassilios Peristeras
  • Scribe: Michiel de Keyzer
  • Editor: Makx Dekkers
Agenda Item Owner Subject

Welcome and overview

2 AC Acceptance of meeting minutes of previous WG meeting.
3 AC Announcing the public review period.
4 MD

Collaboration in the Working Group



Application Profile - issues


Introduction (section 1)

Terminology (section 5)

Classes and properties (section 6 & 7)

Accessibility and mulitilingual aspects (section 10)

Deployment (section 11)


6 MD

Controlled vocabularies (Section 8)

A mapping of the Austian, German and Spanish controlled vocabularies for theme with the EuroVoc is available at:


7 SG Use cases (section 3)
8 MD Public Review period
9 AC Wrap-up, actions, next working group meeting (2013-06-12)

Meeting Minutes

Date File Status Comments
2013-05-15 dcat-application-profile-wg-virtual-meeting-2013-05-10_v0.03.pdf For review  



Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.1
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