DCAT Application Profile WG Virtual Meeting 2013-07-18

This document contains the agenda and meeting minutes of the DCAT Application Profile Virtual Meeting of 18 July 2013.


Time: Thursday 18 July 2013, 16:00-18:00 CET (UTC+2) (world clock)

Web connection:


  1. Go to http://ec-wacs.adobeconnect.com/dcat4th/
  2. Select "Enter as a guest" and enter the room

Audio connection:

The audio connection can be established by calling in from your device (dial-in) or by letting the system call you (dial-out).

  • When letting the system call you, please make sure you enter the direct number on which you can be reached. Please also make sure the system does call in on a switchboard.
  • When calling in yourself please follow the steps below
  1. ​Dial one of the following Local or International Access Number:
    Belgium: +32 2 808 13 63 
    France: +33182880967 Germany: +498922061600 Luxembourg: +35220880608 United Kingdom: +442033189433
    For additional national acces numbers, please visit the following link: http://www.meetingone.com/us/customer/a1international.cfm
  2. Dial the Conference Room Number: *1321479#
  3. Follow any voice prompts.

Test your connection:


  • Meeting Chair: Antonio Carneiro
  • European Commission: Szabolcs Szekacs, Vassilios Peristeras
  • Scribe: Michiel de Keyzer
  • Editor: Makx Dekkers
Agenda Item Owner Subject
Antonio Carneiro

Welcome, introduction, roll call

2 Antonio Carneiro Acceptance of meeting minutes 8 May 2013
3 Stijn Goedertier Report of public comment period, statistics
4 Makx Dekkers

Document for review

Discussion of open issues and proposed resolutions.

  1. Dataset: Conformity of data
  2. Dataset: Keyword/tag
  3. Distribution: Description
  4. Distribution: Format
  5. Distribution: Licence
  6. Licence Document: Licence Type
  7. Temporal Coverage: properties
  8. Conformance statement for Distribution
  9. Distribution class mandatory if applicable
  10. Licence suggestions
  11. Metadata provenance
  12. Running example
  13. URIs for Datasets
  14. Catalogue release date
  15. Dataset creator
  16. Mapping licences to licence types
  17. No licence defined
  18. "Protocol" and "name" properties
  19. Requirements for URIs
  20. Use of dct:rights versus dct:license
  21. xsd:date versus xsd:dateTime
  22. Catalogue: Licence
  23. Dataset: Publisher
  24. Dataset distribution
  25. Dataset theme/category
  26. Distribution: limitation
  27. Distribution: 5-star ranking
  28. Agent: publisher type
  29. Licence: fee
  30. COFOG instead of Eurovoc
  31. Processing requirements
5 Makx Dekkers

Status of base specification DCAT at W3C

(Latest editor's draft 25 June 2013)

6 Makx Dekkers Finalisation, final round of comment, publication
7 Nikos Loutas Outlook on implementation in Open Data Support
8 Antonio Carneiro Closing

Meeting Minutes

Date File Status Comments
2013-07-19 Meeting minutes For review  



Nature of documentation: Technical report


Type of document
ISA Open Metadata Licence v1.1
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