EC - European Federated Interoperability Repository - EFIR survey results

This survey has been prepared in the context of the ISA Programme's EFIR Action (Action 4.2.4) on the creation of a European Federated Interoperability Repository (EFIR). This action comes as a follow-up to the success of the ADMS-enabled federation on Joinup, a catalogue of semantic assets described using ADMS, with already 21 federated repositories. The objective of this action is to extend the current catalogue to other types of interoperability assets and solutions (legal, organisational and technical).

The survey results have been compiled in a document and will be presented at the EFIR workshop (Webinar) on April 24 2013. This document presents background information about the survey, a list of repositories in Europe containing interoperability assets as well as a list of key stakeholder requests for the upcoming extension of the ADMS-enabled federation. These stakeholder requests will consist of a good basis for discussion during the webinar.

You can download the survey results document by clicking here.

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