EC - European Federated Interoperability Repository - EFIR Workshop (Webinar) Highlight Report


Following up on the success of the ADMS-enabled federation on Joinup, a catalogue of semantic assets described using ADMS, with already 21 federated repositories, the ISA Programme  of the European Commission plans to extend the current catalogue to other types of interoperability assets and solutions (legal, organisational and technical).

On April 24 2013, the European Commission hosted a webinar to discuss the requirements for this extension. The webinar was a unique opportunity for e-Government and interoperability experts, standardisation bodies, and ICT service to share their needs and ideas on the upcoming European Federated Interoperability Repository (EFIR) on Joinup.

The webinar was organised in two sessions:

  • Webinar session 1: The need for an extended Europe’s collection of interoperability assets on Joinup
  • Webinar session 2: Gathering requirements on the upcoming federated catalogue of interoperability assets

This report summarises the key points discussed during both sessions. You can download the report by clicking here.

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