ISA Deliverable: Metadata Management Survey Results - Highlights

In November 2011, the European Commission conducted a survey in the context of Action 1.1 of the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme. This Action focuses on the development, promotion and support of semantic assets as key enablers in achieving semantic interoperability.

  The objective of the survey was to better understand how Member States are handling and managing metadata and, in particular, what differences exist between different semantic asset management systems. Member States were asked to position themselves within the 5 maturity levels of metadata management, introduced by the ISA Programme paper 'Towards Open Government Metadata'.    This publication presents the key findings from the survey. It shows that Member States are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of metadata and that a number of initiatives exist to work towards effective and efficient metadata management. The results were used as a direct input for the Report on existing Semantic Asset Repositories.

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