Metadata Governance Community (MGC)

In order to promote ISA Action 1.1 Interoperability Solutions (Core Vocabularies, ADMS, DCAT-AP, e-Documents etc.), a number of on-site activities are organised and implemented among a selection of Member States. The key criterion is to promote the adoption of these specifications by the corresponding Public Administrations. With each of the selected Member State:

  • An analysis will take place before the on-site visit to identify which gaps could ISA solutions fill and how this could be achieved (a proposed methodology and execution plan). A contact log of stakeholders who are involved in relevant policies should be created.
  • An onsite visit will be organized in order to present the analysis and facilitate the adoption of ISA solutions.
  • During the visit, trainings to core teams could be organized upon request from the Member States.

Sweden: May 2014

Minutes of the meeting

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