Software Forges: Webinar 2012.05.22 on the technical aspects of interlinking software forges

This document contains the agenda and meeting minutes of the Virtual Meeting of 22 May 2012 on the technical aspects of interlinking software forges.

The Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme of the European Commission currently encourages public administrations in Europe to share and reuse free and open source software (F/OSS) and give better visibility to this software through a "federation" of software forges on Joinup. In this Webinar, the vision for better interlinking on-line software repositories is outlined. This vision can be achieved by agreeing on an enhanced software description metadata specification (ADMS.F/OSS) that will allow software forges to exchange more information about their software projects and software assets. Furthermore, we will discuss the technical aspects of implementing the ADMS.F/OSS metadata vocabulary and protocols for the exchange of software description metadata.


Tuesday 22 May 2012, 15:00-17:00 CET  (world clock)

Audio connection: Dial Belgium (toll) +32 (0)24015454 Participant PIN: 52114237#

Web connection Web Login: 105398767 Participant PIN: 52114237#

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Meeting Documents

D5.2.2_Technical aspects of interlinking software forges_v0.08.pdf

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes_Software Forges Webinar - technical aspects of interlinking software forges_v0.04.pdf


European Commission: Szabolcs Szekacks
Editor: Phil Archer
Scribe: Michiel De Keyzer

Agenda Item





15:00 - 15:10 SS

Welcoming and introduction


15:10 - 15:30 SS

Vision for an enhanced federation of software forges and analysis of existing software forges


15:30 - 15:40 SG

How to join the federation step-by-step


15:40 - 15:45 SG

Introduction to mapping to ADMS.F/OSS v0.3 (now called ADMS.SW)

5 15:45 - 15:50 SG Generate ADMS.SW asset descriptions from a spreadsheet with Refine RDF
6 15:50 - 16:15


Discussion on implementing an ADMS.SW exporter


16:15 - 16:50 NVH

Proposed solutions for exchanging software description metadata

8 16:50 - 16:55 all Discussion


16:55 - 17:00 SS



Nature of documentation: Conference-seminar-meeting proceeding


Type of document
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