Some suggestions to admetment av adjustment of Core Vocabularie for Person, Business and Place.

Published on: 08/06/2012


The Tax Agency is responsible for the population register (civil register) in Sweden since 1988 and is the main actor in Swedish public administration in this area. Since early 2011, we are engaged in a standardization of basic data on physical and legal persons. The objective of this work is to facilitate the exchange of information both internally and between Swedish authorities. The ultimate goal is to produce a Swedish standard for the area.

The primary objectives were:

  • More efficient exchange of information between authorities
  • Increased reuse of information and thereby reducing costs for reporting for citizens and business
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and development of IT support.

The group that started this work where, at that time, not aware of the "Savings-directive”. Our work has been conducted in an independent manner but in the very same area.

We have now analyzed the draft EU-standard. It is, in essence on line with our conceptual and information models. However, we do have a few comments, suggestions for adjustment and some suggestions for amendments.

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