URI Policy Flanders

URI Standard & Guidelines of the Flemish Government

Published on: 24/10/2017
Last update: 15/03/2018

Informatie Vlaanderen This document describes the Flemish URI standard for the disclosure of resources, information and data, by the Flemish authorities and has been specified by Information Flanders. A checklist is included at the end of this document, which can be used as a self-evaluation instrument for the evaluation of URIs.

The guidelines concerning the governance of persistent URIs were developed in the context of the Open Standards for Linked Organizations program (OSLO²). OSLO² is an interoperability program in the Region of Flanders. The program brings together expertise from different business domains and governmental levels, independent of a specific thematic project. The Flemish Government developed a domain model in line with international standards including ISA² and INSPIRE enriched by data extensions to comply with the local context. The formal specification is published at data.vlaanderen.be.

The standard defines the minimal requirements to which the Flemish authorities should comply in order to disclose resources in a uniform manner via the web. In addition, this document describes how ‘Uniform Resource Identifiers’ (URIs) should be defined in order to identify these resources in a persistent way. This enables back-office systems to evolve while the URI remains stable. This document also applies to data disclosed via services, but does not necessarily apply to the services themselves, given that persistence for services is hard to realise and it is inefficient.

The URI standard and guidelines for Flanders are based on the ISA² URI Policy.


Version 1.0 (Dutch)

Version 0.9 (English)


Persistent reference to this page:  https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/node/700093


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