10th International Workshop on Value Modeling and Business Ontologies

Event date:
Published on: 02/03/2016

March 10-11, 2016, Trento - Italy

(co-located with Understanding the Notion of Value in the Service Economy)

About the workshop

The importance of modeling the essence of enterprises on a level that abstracts from operational details is increasingly recognized. Two recognized enterprise modeling approaches are value modeling and business ontology. Business ontology provides abstract descriptions of enterprises in their business context, focusing on what is needed to create and transfer value. Value modeling is a business modeling approach that focuses on the value objects exchanged in business networks. Business ontology and value modeling research is conducted using instruments like REA (Resources, Events, Agents), the e3-value tool set, VDML and the Enterprise Engineering framework.

The goals of this VMBO workshop are to bring together researchers with an interest in value modeling and business ontology in order to present and discuss the current state of enterprise or business modeling and to identify key areas for further research. The theme of this year’s workshop is the ontological foundations of value and service modeling, but other papers are welcome as well.


Topics of interest

  • Service ontology for business
  • Service-oriented view of business ontology
  • Enterprise Engineering
  • Business modeling of service exchanges
  • Value modeling fundamentals
  • Value modeling applications and experiences
  • Business ontology fundamentals
  • Business ontology applications and experiences
  • Role of value modeling in enterprise architecture
  • Ontology-driven enterprise system development
  • Ontology-aware enterprise systems
  • Pragmatic Web – theory and applications
  • Ontological representations of aggregated data
  • Business ontology / value models for auditing
  • Business ontology / value models for managerial decision making
  • Business ontology / value models for strategy exploration
  • Business ontology / value models for business process management


Expected Participants:

Public / Private sector

State: Pending



For more information about the agenda, please refer to: http://www.loa.istc.cnr.it/vmbo2016/index.php/program/

Physical location
Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Aula Grande
Via Santa Croce 77, Trento, Italy