The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and E-business (UN/CEFACT) is organising the 20th session of the UN/CEFACT Forum in Vienna, from 17 to 21 September 2012.

UN/CEFACT Experts, Heads of Delegation, and their delegates are cordially invited to join this important event.

Priorities at the Forum will be:

  • Advancing current projects and domain activities
  • Ongoing maintenance tasks (such as UN/EDIFACT Data Maintenance Requests)
  • Formulating and approving a series of new projects to be conducted within the framework of the approved programme of work 2012-2013
  • Continuing liaison and cooperation activities with external organizations (governmental as well as industry and standards consortia)
  • Advancing UN/CEFACT’s current and forthcoming technical framework

Participants can contribute to the implementation of UN/CEFACT in many ways and will have opportunities to meet as part of PDAs, within projects and domains as well as helping specifically to facilitate the implementation of the revised structure.

UN/CEFACT supports activities dedicated to improving the ability of business, trade and administrative organizations, from developed, developing and transition economies, to exchange products and relevant services effectively. Its principal focus is on facilitating national and international transactions, through the simplification and harmonization of processes, procedures and information flows, and so contributing to the growth of global commerce.

Expected Participants:




Detailed agenda published on the conference website:

Physical location
Vienna - Austria
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Detailed information on how to get to the forum venue can be found in the conference website: