2nd International Workshop on Downscaling the Semantic Web - DownScale2013


co-located with the 10th Extended Semantic Web conference — May 26, 2013, Montpellier, France

Objectives of the workshop

Our current mind set as Semantic Web engineers is to focus on centralized and very powerful solutions centered (and depending on …) around Web hosted servers and (mobile) clients accessing it. As a direct consequence of that, the usage of Linked Data depends on the availability of a Web infrastructure compassing data-centers, high speed reliable Internet connection and modern client devices. If any of this is missing, our community is not able, yet, to provide any Linked Data enabled data management solution. Still, the digital divide that is currently widely recognized separates the world into those who have access to Web-based platforms and those who don’t.

When designing Linked Data platforms we tend to forget those 4 Billion persons who don’t have access to Internet but would benefit from being able to use Linked Data. We should keepeveryone in mind when we design Linked Data platforms and aim at helping to reduce this digital divide. This workshop is a first step in acknowledging this fact and acting in that direction.


Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Off-line linked data synchronisation
  • Low resource demanding triple stores
  • Application of Semantic Web to disaster data management
  • Innovative linked data interfaces for illiterate and/or young users
  • De-centralised data management platforms
  • Collaborative, de-centralised, educational software
  • Federated queries
Expected Participants:





  • Morning: discussions
    Presentations and discussions around the need for Down scaling the Semantic Web and the challenges implied.
  • Afternoon: hacking session
    Implementation of Semantic Web enabled software using the toolkits of Sugar andSemanticXO. Deployment of these applications on limited hardware such as the XO laptop and other small hardware such as Sheevaplug.
Physical location
Montpellier, France
co-located with the 10th Extended Semantic Web conference — May 26, 2013, Montpellier, France