3rd International Summer School on Open & Collaborative Governance - 29 June - 3 July, 2015 Samos, Greece

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Published on: 08/06/2015

About the event

The 3rd International Summer School (29/06/2015 – 03/07/2015) focusing on Technologies and Applications for Open and Collaborative Governance, a really growing and offering great challenges domain, is taking place in the beautiful island of Samos.

The Summer School on Open and Collaborative Governance organized by the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean, provides a unique opportunity for participants to interact with internationally acclaimed scientists and researchers in the domain of ICT-enabled Governance, to develop their skills in the areas of policy modelling, information management, social media in governance and more.


The aim of the OpenGov2015 Summer School is to enable participants involvement in “Open and Collaborative Governance” issues (such as open data, crowdsourcing, accurate and analytical modelling and simulation tools, data analysis, mining and visualization technologies), and offer appropriate additional skills towards shaping a successful researcher, a competitive employee and an well-informed citizen.


The topics addressed by the OpenGov2015 Summer School include a wide span of information and communication technologies and social science issues, covering the whole cycle of decision making under the following thematic areas:

  • Open and Linked Data applications and technologies
  • Global Systems Science approaches for evidence-based decision making and policy support
  • Social media and web 2.0 platforms and services for governance
  • Policy modelling and electronic policy deliberation (e-participation)
  • Big data management technologies in policy support
  • Interoperable infrastructures and cloud technologies for open and collaborative governance scenarios
  • Citizens’ opinion mining and sentiment analysis
  • Technical, semantic and organisational Interoperability
  • Legal, security and trust issues in open governance


Courses will be offered in various ways, including lectures, tutorials, collaborative workshops and round table discussions.  Most importantly, the Summer School will include showcasing and hands-on experience with innovative platforms and services that are under development in a number of collaborative research projects.

The team of Summer School instructors has a long track in academic training, industrial research projects and scientific publications in the areas of ICT-enabled governance. Consequently, participants with enough interest may lead to scientific papers writing and innovative project proposals.

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Expected Participants:

Private/ public sector, academia

State: Pending



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Physical location
Samos, Greece
Doryssa Seaside Resort
Potokaki, Pythagorion 831 03