6th International Conference on e-Democracy - December 10-11, 2015, Athens

About the Conference

In December 2015, the Hellenic Scientific Council for Information Society (HSCIS) with the active participation of the Greek Data Protection Authority (GDPA) and nearly all the Greek and a substantial number of European Universities take the bold step in opening up the term of e-democracy to its full potential and the new challenges. That is why, the 6th International e-Democracy 2015 Conference is focussing on “Citizen rights in the world of the new computing paradigms”.

Based on the focus and contribution of your organisation in the protection of personal data and privacy, as well as your role in educating and influencing, resolving problems and enforcing related policies and measures for e-democracy, we would like to address an invitation for participating and sponsoring our event. We feel that your contribution will be decisive in creating awareness and providing information on the technological, ethical, legal, and political challenges of the future as regards the technological developments and the new computing paradigms.


Sponsor's information

Sponsors from any country of the globe, apart Greece, should get in touch with the conference’s secretariat to get specific information since there are certain legal formalities regarding money transfer etc.

For more information, please visit the web-page: http://www.edemocracy2015.eu/?page_id=216


Expected Participants:

Public / private sector, academia

State: Pending
Physical location
Divani Caravel Hotel
More info: http://www.edemocracy2015.eu/?page_id=16
avenue Vasileos Alexandrou 2, Athens
More info: http://www.edemocracy2015.eu/?page_id=16