Catalogue of Services Webinar - reuse and implementation of the CPSV-AP, 19 March 2018

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Published on: 12/03/2018

Are you interested in discovering how Member States are improving public service information accessibility and data interoperability by harmonising their public services description using a common data model? Don't miss the upcoming Catalogue of Public Services Webinar on 19  March 2018!

The ISA² Programme of the European Commission is continuing work around the Core Public Service Application Profile (CPSV-AP), including following up on its reuse and implementation. In this context, we are interested in how Member States are using the CPSV-AP, its accompanying Open Source tools, and how we could further support them in their work around public service descriptions, portals, and other related work.

On 19 March 2018, in the context of ISA² Action 2016.29, we are organising a Webinar focusing on the achievements made by Member States of the EU in the area of public service catalogues. The European Commission wants to provide implementers the opportunity to showcase their work, to encourage the transfer of knowledge and innovative ideas, and to learn from cutting edge initiatives. The Webinar will also include discussions of change requests regarding the CPSV-AP.


Practical information

  • The Webinar will last from 10 to 12am, Brussels time (GMT+1).
  • To participate in the Webinar, please use the WebEx details provided in the email invitation.




Agenda item


Welcome and overview


The Catalogue of Services Action in 2018 and Q&A


Member State Showcase: Estonia’s proactive services and Q&A


Member State Showcase: Flanders’ SHACL Validator tool and Q&A


Member State Showcase: Spain's Service Catalogue Mapping and Q&A


Teaser on chat bot pilot & Q&A


Change requests to the CPSV-AP

  • Outstanding change requests:
    1. Processing time attribute in the Public Service class
    2. Cost not being a direct attribute of the Public Service class
    3. Competent authority as public organisation
    4. Other outstanding change requests
  • New change requests


Discussion about the Catalogue of Services workshop in Sofia on 15 June 2018


AOB and next steps


We are looking forward to discussing with you!

The ISA² Programme of the European Commission


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Brussels, Belgium

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