Chief Data Officer forum, 19-20 May

Why to attend the event?

Chief Data Officer forum offers the opportunity:

  • to engage with the exclusive CDO network to underpin the crucial actions that will galvanise your data and analytics deployment;
  • to transform your business culture to view data as an asset and become data driven , monetise your data and demonstrating the value of data when making critical business decisions;
  • to gain fresh insight to approach your top challenges with our intimate discussion groups. As the executor of data stewardship for your business, make valuable contacts and collaborate with an executive only audience to problem solve crucial obstacles that can hinder performance growth;

“How do you get people to realise that change is a journey not a destination and get a whole global company to walk down that path?” Russell Marsh, Global Chief Data Officer, IPG Media Brands, CDO Forum 2015 speaker.

Key questions for Chief Data Officers to address in May 2015

Expected Participants:

Public/private sector.

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Physical location
Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, London, England
354 Queenstown Road
London SW8 4AE
United Kingdom