Conference: E-Government 2016



Date: February 11 and 12, 2016

Location: Berlin

The theme of the conference is Digital Service Offers of Public Administration in Practice. E-Government officials still need to prove that the digitisation of public services provides cost savings and increases citizen satisfaction, as well as showing that it helps fight corruption and supports democracy and transparency. Public administrations also need interoperability solutions to harmonise the e-government landscape. The conference will be attended by e-government experts from European and international public institutions. There will be presentations of best cases and practical insights regarding:

  • X-Road, the most interoperable government data exchange layer in the world
  • E-identity: a highly developed national ID card system;
  • E-residency: an innovation allowing people to access public and private online facilities and allowing foreign investors to establish businesses quickly;
  • The revised European Interoperability Strategy and European Interoperability Framework; and
  • New EU funding possibilities for interoperability solutions.

For more information regarding the conference, please visit the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law.



Expected Participants:

e-Government experts

State: Open
Physical location
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