CPSV-AP v2.0 Revision WG Virtual Meeting: kick-off

This page provides the agenda and supporting information for the CPSV-AP v2.0 Revision Working Group kick-off meeting. We will discuss the practical organisation of the Working Group during the meeting.


Time: Friday 12 May 2017 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET (see this in your time zone

Web connection: https://pwc-emeamc.webex.com/pwc-emeamc/e.php?AT=SINF&MK=844400610&MJL=1

How to connect?


Go to https://pwc-emeamc.webex.com/pwc-emeamc/e.php?AT=SINF&MK=844400610&MJL=1


Fill in your "name - affiliation and country", email and click ‘Join’


Choose how you would like to connect your audio:

A) Choose 'Call using computer', configure your audio and microphone, and click 'ok';
B) Choose ‘I will call in’, choose the call-in user preferred and enter the meeting access code.


  • Meeting Chair: Miguel Alvarez-Rodrigez (ISA Programme)
  • European Commission: Miguel Alvarez-Rodriguez (ISA Programme), Peter Burian (ISA Programme)
  • Scribe: Michiel De Keyzer (MDK), PwC / Ana Fernandez de Soria Risco (AF), PwC
  • Editor: Michiel De Keyzer (MDK), PwC
Time Owner Subject
5' MAR

Welcome and overview

5' MDK Practical details on the use of the Virtual Meeting Room
10' All

Round-table of the Working Group Members:

  • What is the status in your country?
10' MDK Overview of what has happened
5' MDK Process & roles
5' MDK

Collaboration in the Working Group:

70' MDK

CPSV-AP extension:


5' MDK

Next steps and next webinar

5' MAR

Q & A

Supporting materials

The meeting minutes will be published shortly after the meeting. Please share your comments via the public mailing list.

Expected Participants:

Members of the CPSV-AP v2.0 Revision Working Group

State: Pending

Physical location
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