Data Governance and innovation Quality Conference - June 8-12, San Diego

About the Conference

The Data Governance and Information Quality Conference (DGIQ2015) is the world’s largest event dedicated entirely to data governance and information quality.

Conference Topics

  • How to get started with Data Governance
  • Data Stewardship
  • Big Data Governance
  • Metadata Governance
  • MDM and Governance
  • Data Quality Strategies
  • Business Glossaries
  • Data profiling
  • How to develop an Enterprise Data Strategy
  • How to sustain your Data Governance program
  • How to be successful with Data Governance and Data Quality
  • How to overcome roadblocks in implementing Data Governance and Data Quality programs
  • How to develop and implement Policies and Standards
  • How to set up a Data Quality Risk Management Program
  • Best Practices Tips and Takeaways


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Expected Participants:

Public/ private sector, academia

State: Pending



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Physical location
San Diego, USA
Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
3999 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109