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J. Boye’s conference

J. Boye’s conferences grew out of our international groups for online professionals. J. Boye’s is in regular contact with our 400+ members from large and complex organisations and we know their agendas and projects. This puts them in a unique position to assess and determine what is happening in every corner of the field at any given time and enables us to put together a relevant program that really reflects the current challenges of our delegates.

J. Boye Conferences were born out of the desire to let people share and learn in an open environment; stimulating and inspiring events with presentations, demos, intense discussions and ample opportunity to expand your network in a social, informal campus-style atmosphere.

What you get

You can choose between 5 tracks each of the 2 conference days, which each offer a unique conference experience with international experts and carefully selected case studies. As a delegate you can mix and match tracks to build your own conference program.

The conference will feature these 10 tracks:

In addition, you can also choose from 10 tutorials hosted by experienced online professionals on a variety of topics.

You also get

  • More face-to-face time with expert speakers, gurus and fellow practitioners than other conferences, partly due to our famous social events – all part of your conference package.
  • An opportunity to discuss your challenges with thought leaders at the roundtable discussions
  • Small, focused sessions with ample opportunity to question and challenge speakers, experts and fellow practitioners.
  • A sales-pitch free environment!

Highlighted talk

How recent approaches to metadata are improving the web - Olle Olsson, W3C Sweden
8 Nov - 10:15 - 11:00 - [source]

This talk will focus on recent approaches to enriched content, like microformats, microdata, schema.org, RDFa, etc. As heavy semantic web technologies has not yet reached general acceptance in practice, it is interesting to see how more light-weight approaches are being adopted. These kinds of simpler approaches are suitable for a wide range of concrete needs. The technologies have been defined to preserve overall content structure, to enrich specific pieces of content, to be rendered in browsers in predictable ways, and to enable more intelligent processing by web tools and plugins that understand these embedded light-weight annotations of content.

The presentation will characterise some of these formats for enriched contents, and how they are intended to be used. And what kinds of business value is created by the use of such metadata approaches.

Expected Participants:

Online practitioners in the widest sense; web managers, web project managers, intranet managers and other online professionals operating both in- and outside the firewall. About 250 delegates are expected

To see who is joining, you can take a look at the LinkedIn event page.




Complete conference programme available on the conference website: http://aarhus12.jboye.com/

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