MTSR 2014 | 8th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference- 27-29 November


Scope and Topics

Contributions are welcome on every topic related to Metadata and their relationships with Ontologies, Semantic Web, Knowledge Management and Software Engineering, including but not limited to:

I. Foundations

  • Typology of metadata and metadata uses
  • The value and cost of metadata
  • Quality evaluation in the use of Metadata
  • Metadata reusability
  • New or revised metadata schemas or application profiles
  • Metadata standardization
  • Empirical studies on metadata and/or ontologies usage

II. Languages and Frameworks for Metadata Management

  • SGML, XML, UML in theory and practice
  • Languages and Frameworks for Ontology Management
  • Metadata and the Semantic Web
  • Metadata and Knowledge Management
  • Metadata and Software Engineering
  • Metadata application of Semantic Web technologies
  • Ontologies and Ontology-based Knowledge Management Systems

III. Case Studies

  • Metadata and ontologies for librarianship, management of historical archives and archeological research
  • Metadata and ontologies for the design of innovative products and processes
  • Metadata and ontologies for health, biological and clinical information management
  • Metadata and ontologies in finance, tourism and public administrations
  • Metadata and ontologies in industry
  • Metadata and ontologies in education
  • Metadata and ontologies in agriculture, food and environment

IV. Technological Issues

  • Technologies for Metadata and ontology storage
  • Technologies for Metadata and ontology integration
  • Technologies for Metadata extraction and navigation, querying and editing of ontologies
  • Technologies for Learning Objects management

Extended Early Bird Deadline!

  • The new deadline for early registrations is now October 15th. Don't miss the chance to spend less!

Special - Free Tutorials on Wednesday November 26th

  • This year’s conference, offers two outstanding tutorials for Semantic MediaWiki. Tobias Noeske, a WIKI expert, will give an introduction into Semantic MediaWiki, and Jonas Waeckerle, a Semantic MediaWiki professional, will show in detail how to set up Semenatic MediaWiki for a special purpose.

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Expected Participants:


  • Tobias Noeske, a WIKI expert;

  • Jnas Waeckerle, a Semantic MediaWiki professional;

  • Dr. Philipp Slusallek, professor for Computer Graphics at Saarland University, Scientific Director at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Research Director at the Intel Visual Computing Institute; and

  • Dr. h.C. Peter Wittenburg, Senior Advisor Data Systems at the Max Planck Compute and Data Center and Senior Advisor The Language Archive at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics




For more information concernign the event, please visit:

Physical location
Karlsruhe, Germany
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
Amalienstraße 81-87, ground floor