Public review of CCCEV Version 2.0.0 - 2nd and final webinar

Event date:
Published on: 16/04/2021

Thank you for participating in our first webinar!

Based on the comments collected, we will make a new proposition for the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary around the 21st of April. 

In the meanwhile, please save the 27th of April between 11:00 and 13:00 (CET) for our second webinar about CCCEV 2.0.0.

To register, fill in the form here and you will receive the information to participate in the webinar.

Objective of the webinar

The objective of this second and final webinar is to agree on the proposition made and close all open issues (on GitHub or during our first webinar). If you would like to contribute to this discussion and did not have the opportunity, please share your comments with us via GitHub before the 21st of April. 

Examples of open issues are:

The current proposition of the Core Vocabulary is available for your review.


Based on the discussions and decisions taken during the webinar, the editorial team will publish the new official release of the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary version 2.0.0 in the course of May.

After the release, new issues can always be logged via GitHub or email.

Supporting materials

Please note that the participation to the webinar is based on invitations. If you would like to attend the webinar, please click on this link and fill in the form to register for the event.

The slides are published here.

The webinar report from the previous webinar is shared here.



We remain at your entire disposal to answer any remaining questions.

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