Public review of CCCEV Version 2.0.0 - upcoming webinar

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Published on: 15/03/2021



As part of the revision process of the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary led by the SEMIC Action, we are delighted to inform you that a new proposition of the Core Vocabulary is available for your review.

Moreover, we have the pleasure to invite you to a dedicated webinar taking place on the 30/03/2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 PM (CET).

To register, fill in the form here and you will receive the information to participate in the webinar.


The Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary (CCCEV) is a Core Vocabulary that aims at supporting the exchange of information between organisations defining criteria and organisations responding to these criteria by means of evidences.

The CCCEV contains two basic and complementary core concepts:

  • the criterion, a condition for evaluation or assessment; and
  • the evidence, data (in its broadest sense) proving that a criterion (or any other type of requirement) is met or has been fulfilled.

This new proposition is a major revision of the initial version of the CCCEV 1.00. Various discussions with stakeholders from The Once-Only Principle Project (TOOP), the Single Digital Gateway, eCertis, eProcurement and other initiatives that are using CCCEV, have led to the proposed changes and optimisations to the original version of the Core Vocabulary.

With this regard, we would like to (1) explain the use cases that initiated this new version, (2) offer you an overview of the new data model and approach of CCCEV 2.0.0 and (3) discuss your potential comments.



The public review period for CCCEV Version 2.0.0 is now open until March 26th. We encourage you to consult this new proposition and provide us with your feedback and questions by creating an issue on GitHub. In accordance with our consensus-based approach, your points will be discussed during the webinar.

Please note that this first webinar is one of the many upcoming webinars that will be organised by the SEMIC Action over the next weeks. Indeed, while the March 30th webinar will be devoted to CCCEV, a second CCCEV webinar will also take place on April 27th (11:00-13:00 CET) with a view to discussing and agreeing on any observations that may not have been covered during the first webinar. Finally, please also note that a third webinar, dedicated to the other Core Vocabularies, will also be held in between on April 23rd (10:00-12:00 CET).

Please note that the participation to the webinar is based on invitations. If you would like to attend the webinar, please click on this link and fill in the form to register for the event.


We remain at your entire disposal to answer any remaining questions.

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- Context of the CCCEV and overview of the key drivers of the revision

- Overview of the changes

- Discussion 

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