SALAD2013 - Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data - ESWC2013 workshop

Current developments on the Web have been marked by the increased popularity of Linked Data andWeb APIs. However, these two technologies remain mostly disjunct in terms of developing solutions and applications in an integrated way. Therefore, we aim to explore the possibilities of facilitating abetter integration of Web APIs and Linked Data, thus enabling the harvesting and provisioning of datathrough applications and services on the Web. In particular, we focus on investigating how resources exposed via Web APIs can be used together with Semantic Web data, as means for enabling a shared use and providing a basis for developing rich applications on top.

The main goal of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of enabling a more integrated and automated use of Web APIs, given the context of the growing importance of Linked Data and applications, benefiting from the available resources. Relevant topics include:

  • frameworksmethodsmodels and formats for describing Web APIs
  • identifying the essential building blocks for enabling integrated and linked use of Web APIs
  • pinpointing challenges to move from individual Web APIs towards integrated solutions
  • capturing added value through the use of Web APIs, Linked Data and development of client apps
  • developing technologies for a sustainablefuture-proof integrated Web API environment.

The above list is not exhaustive and we therefore actively encourage participants to be creative
A final goal is to provide future initiatives with the devised ideas and visions to stimulate innovationin this research area.

Expected Participants:

People from different fields are welcome, even though the core audience of our workshop consists of people with interdisciplinary experience in both Linked Data and Web APIs. However, people with various backgrounds are encouraged to participate, since we envision that interesting cross-domain discussions will arise when participants actively discover differences and similarities.



Details on the workshop programme:

Physical location
Montpellier, France
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