Share-PSI 2.0 workshop: Maximising interoperability — core vocabularies, location-aware data and more

Workshop Aims

The aim of Share-PSI is to identify good practice in open data/PSI, providing public authorities and others with a set of best practices that can be incorporated into their own guidelines. This workshop will focus particularly on questions related to technical implementation, with this in mind, these are the questions and topics we would like to see addressed during presentations and workshop sessions. The list is not exhaustive but should give a clearer idea about the workshops aims:

  • How can existing vocabularies be used to provide semantic interoperability?
  • How can data publishers be supported in maximising the interoperability of their data sets within and across domains?
  • As location is often the common point between different datasets, how should location be represented?
  • How can public authorities support multilingualism?
  • How can the technical interoperability of datasets be maximised?
  • How can public authorities publish data that will be persistent, i.e. still be available after the particular project or department that created it has ceased to exist?

Workshop Organisation

Share-PSI workshops are highly interactive with a minimum of presentations. The bulk of the time is devoted to parallel sessions in which specific topics are discussed under the direction of a facilitator (see below). Related sessions will be presented as workshop tracks so that those sessions won't overlap. The specific tracks for the Berlin event are:

  • interoperability between Smart Cities;
  • working with location data;
  • aspects of the European Data Portal;

Before each set of parallel sessions, facilitators will have 1 minute of plenary time to present their topic and encourage delegates to 'come to my session.' See the evolving agenda.


Participation is free.

The workshop is hosted by Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (Fraunhofer FOKUS). There are several ways to participate:

Share your best practice. You have identified a process of data publication that you and stakeholders consider as outstanding in enhancing interoperability? You have indentified a standard, or set of standards and tools that enhance interoperability? You managed to combine multiple datasets to create something new and innovative? You tried to use one or more datasets but found it especially hard because… ? You have experience in relating data to locations?

Share your experiences with the Share-PSI partners. Use the template on the project wiki as far as possible. Your contribution may be edited by the Share-PSI project partners and eventually published as a Share-PSI best practice. You can discuss your best practice during the workshop by proposing a dedicated session on the topic you described.


Expected Participants:

Public/private sector

State: Pending



For more information about the agenda, lease visit the website:

Physical location
The workshop is hosted by Fraunhofer FOKUS
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
10589 Berlin,