Technical workshop on Catalogue of Public Services vis-à-vis the SDG implementation - 16 May 2019 9:30-17:30 CET


On 16 May 2019, the ISA² Programme of the European Commission hosted a workshop on Catalogues of Public Services  in BrusselsBelgium.

The workshop offered a unique opportunity to present real-life implementations of catalogues of public services based on the Core Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile (CPSV-AP). It also enabled sharing interesting experiences and good practices on a series of topics, such as improving user experience for citizen and business portals, the need for interoperable semantic models and tools, and the upcoming challenges in this area. 

More than 50 member states representatives, academia and semantic and open data experts shared their views on how public service delivery can benefit from the creation and exchange of public services information.

The workshop opened the discussion to the relations between the Catalogue of Services action and the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway. 



Ideation phase summary

The participant's views and discussions resulted in the material that can be found on the bottom of this page. The main outcomes were a view on the key IT activities that could support the digitization of the 21 procedures of the Single Digital Gateway. Multiple perspectives were taken into account on how to collect, share, confirm and publish public services as a public administration, but also access, search, find, understand, request, prove and receive a public service as a citizen.

Multiple IT elements were defined and value mapped that could be a great support to the Single Digital Gateway.



Chatbots breakout session summary



During the breakout sessions, organised in the afternoon, specific technologies were discussed that could be used to support the Single Digital Gateway and the cataloging of public services: data validation, taxonomies, chatbots and APIs. For each technology use cases, perspectives and the possibility to support European and/or other initiatives were defined.





One of the main conclusions of the workshop was the need to work on the extension of the CPSV-AP and on a EU taxonomy of services with regards  to the 21 procedures of Annex II of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation to foster cross-border interoperability of Catalogue of Public services.


The slides from all (released) presentations of the workshop are available for download at the bottom of this page.

The presentation (Retrospective Slide Deck) summarizing the ideas and solutions discussed during the workshop is available at the bottom of this page as well.






Welcome and coffee


Introduction by Miguel Alvarez-Rodriguez and workshop dynamic by Brecht Wyns


Introduction to the Catalogue of Services action – ISA²


Introduction to the Single Digital Gateway - DG GROW

•       Journey so far

•       Goals


User stories, key requirements and challenges faced by the two activities.

•       Some considerations: user-centricity, data principles for the SDG (e.g. quality, interoperability, discoverability, completeness, timing), assistance services.




Subgroup reflections on the Single Digital Gateway: from user stories to technical solutions.




Pitches: existing and future solutions of the Catalogue of Services action

•       Data validation

•       Chatbots for public administrations

•       Taxonomy of public services

•       Catalogue of services through the use of APIs


First break-out sessions about the pitches




Second break-out sessions about the pitches


Outcomes of the break-out sessions and plenary discussion




Networking drink

Physical location
Woluwedal 18, Brussels
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