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ADMS.SW plugin for FusionForge deployed on Alioth

Published on: 14/06/2013
Last update: 31/10/2017
On 2013-06-14 a second deployment of the plugin enabling the export of ADMS.SW RDF software project metadata from FusionForge instances, was realised on Alioth ( The implementation of the plugin on this forge means that over 900 projects hosted on the forge now have a description complying with the ADMS.SW description. is a FusionForge instance ran by the Debian project used for the development of free and open-source software, in particular, but not only, for Debian software projects. The plugin, developed by Olivier Berger and Roland Mas, has been deployed on this forge since this week. The implementation is a realisation of Roland Mas, who is also one of the administrators of Alioth.

The deployment of the ADMS.SW plugin makes it now possible for humans and machines to export a description of the projects in ADMS.SW RDF, allowing third-parties to use these metadata to make software searchable on their platforms. By the end of 2013 Joinup will be capable to ingest ADMS.SW -aware metadata. Besides exporting project information, the plugin also enables exporting the Trove Taxonomies in SKOS. The plugin supports exporting the data both in RDF/XML and Turtle.

Previously the plugin was already deployed on Adullact (France). In the near future it is expected that the plugin will also be deployed on the Spanish forge CENATIC.

About ADMS for Software (ADMS.SW)

ADMS.SW is a metadata vocabulary to describe software projects making it possible to more easily explore, find, and link software on the Web. The specification is based on DOAP and also reuses other existing specifications, such as SPDX, ISO 19770-2, ADMS, and the Trove Software Map. By using ADMS.SW to describe software in software forges, repositories, and catalogues, publishers increase discoverability and enable applications easily to consume software metadata.


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Tue, 27/08/2013 - 16:48

Note that the plugin has been improved to fix a problem with producing the large project index, for big forges like Alioth with hundreds of projects.


The RDF project index is now produced in a paged way, following directions set in the W3C LDP (Linked Data Platform) proposed draft.


Basically, this means that instead of rendering a list of all projects at once, the same URI shall be accessed iterating over a list of ?page=1 ... ?page=n documents to construct the full RDF graph. HTTP headers and return codes for redirection will provide hints for clients.


This means that the RDF descriptions for the 900+ projects of Alioth should now be accessible to the world :-).

See it live at

stijngoedertier (not verified)
Wed, 28/08/2013 - 09:07

Thank you very much, Olivier. The features for Joinup to be able to ingest ADMS.SW metadata are about the be developed. We will ask the developers whether it is possible to foresee support for paging in the metadata harvesting component.