Alignment of OGD with the DCA…

Alignment of OGD with the DCAT-AP

Published on: 20/06/2016

The German government released on 11th of June the latest version of the OGD metadata standard, 2.0. The metadata standard entered its public review period on 13 June 2016.


One of the objectives of the standard is the adherence to DCAT-AP specifications in order to increase cross country interoperability, which triggered an interesting discussion on Joinup on how the standard could evolve.

In particular, there have been found similarities with the DCAT-AP_IT, the DCAT-AP profile for Italy, such as the need for a contact point for a dataset or catalog, or the need for sub-theme to improve the categorisation of datasets or catalogs.

How can you participate in the review?

The public review period is open until 18 July 2016. The general public is invited to:

  1. Visit the Joinup page of the “Open Government Data Standard 2.0”; and
  2. Download the OGD 2.0 Standard including its artefacts (Codelists, Reference Implementations) under "Download releases”.

The OGD 2.0 has been already reviewed by several representatives of the German portals and the steering group. The commenting period will close on 18th of July 2016, and the final standard will be published in September. The detailed agenda for the OGD 2.0 and the new standards is available at