Call for case studies on Link…

Call for case studies on Linked Open Government Data

EC ISA Action 1.1 on Semantic Interoperability is calling for case studies on Linked Government Data to be included in its study on “business models for Linked Open Government Data (LOGD)”.

European public administrations are increasingly providing Linked Data Services that give access to high-quality Government data following the Linked Data design principles put forward by Tim Berners Lee. Because Linked Data services use open standards (such as XML and RDF), persistent and resovable Web identifiers, and common vocabularies (such as the ISA Core Vocabularies), LOGD is believed to foster technical and semantic interoperability, and could lead to cost reductions, better public services, and new commercial applications.

Via its study “business models for Linked Open Government Data” the EC ISA Action 1.1 on Semantic Interoperability would like to identify viable business models for LOGD, answering the following research questions:

  • What value can LOGD bring to businesses and citizens?
  • Can LOGD lead to cost reductions for public administrations?
  • Which barriers must be overcome to unlock the potential of LOGD ?

The study team will gather information by conducting 15 in-depth case studies with public administrations that provide LOGD or organisations that re-use it. If you believe that your organisation has interesting findings to contribute to our study, please contact us or post a comment at the bottom of this page (to comment you need to be registered and logged in). The call is open until 15 July 2013.

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