Call for public review: CPSV-…

Call for public review: CPSV-AP v2.1

Published on: 22/06/2017
Last update: 05/10/2017

You are kindly invited to participate and contribute in the public review of the new version of the CPSV-AP specifications that the ISA² Programme has developed in close collaboration with relevant EU and Member State services and a broad community of contributors. The specifications have entered their public review period on 03 July 2017 and last during the summer period, until the 8th of September 2017. After the public review period, a webinar will be held, where the working group will discuss the feedback from the public review and will finalise the CPSV-AP v2.1 Please find below more details for the specification.

The Core Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile (CPSV-AP) was defined in 2015 the context of ISA² Action on Catalogue of Services. It is a common data model, originally focused on describing public services and business events at the Points of Single Contact of the Services Directive. During 2016, the model was reviewed to add life events and define initial versions of controlled vocabularies. CPSV-AP. v2.0 was published in December 2016.

Since January 2017, two webinars have been held to review version 2.00, with participation from a WG. The update finds its motivation in the experience of implementing and piloting version 2.00 of the CPSV-AP by different MSs and stakeholders, and consequent requests received from them.

In line with the requests received, the following main changes were analysed and discussed during the webinars:

  • Add the concept of a dataset in order to capture the metadata of where the dataset is being described, for instance on a Point of Single Contact or an eGovernment portal.
  • Cover additional change requests collected from different MSs and stakeholders that implemented or evaluated the CPSV-AP, such as the addition of new properties (addition of the possible statuses a public service can go through when executed) and fixing some errors and inconsistencies (for instance revision of some domains and ranges…).
  • Finally, an important aspect that was discussed by the WG is the extension of the specifications to allow the relationship between generic and specific public service descriptions. However, at the moment the proposal was not withheld by the Working Group.

You can share any feedback by adding a comment on the specifications page, or through the CPSV-AP public mailing list.

In addition, labels of the CPSV-AP have been translated to all 24 official EU languages. The translations are available through a Google Spreadsheet, where you can provide feedback by adding a comment on the corresponding cell.

More information about the public review can be found on the public review page on Joinup.

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