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Call for public review: CPSV-…

Call for public review: CPSV-AP v2.0

Published on: 29/09/2016
Last update: 31/10/2017

You are kindly invited to participate and contribute in the public review of the new version of the CPSV-AP specifications that the ISA² Programme has developed in close collaboration with relevant EU and Member State services and a broad community of contributors. The specifications have entered their public review period on 28 September 2016. This review period will last for six weeks, until 9 November 2016. After the public review period, a webinar will be held, where the working group will discuss the feedback from the public review and will finalise the CPSV-AP v2.0 Please find below more details for the specification.

The Core Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile (CPSV-AP) was defined in 2015 the context of ISA² Action on Catalogue of Services. It is a common data model, originally focused on describing public services and business events at the Points of Single Contact of the Services Directive

The new version CPSV-AP v2.0 has been elaborated since April 2016. During that period, a group consisting of Member State representatives, national and regional experts, academics and representatives from European Institutions have participated to four webinars. The update to CPSV-AP v2.0 had the following main goals:

  • To extend the CPSV-AP to also cover the modelling of life events which can be used for grouping public services and making them available in a citizen-centric way;
  • To update and/or extend the model based on lessons learned from reuse cases of the CPSV-AP and CPSV in some MS (Italy, Estonia);
  • To define an initial version of controlled vocabularies for:
    • A first level of life events;
    • A second level of business events; and
    • Types of public service outputs.

In addition, labels of the CPSV-AP have been translated to all 24 official EU languages. The translations are available through a Google Spreadsheet, where you can provide feedback by adding a comment on the corresponding cell.

More information about the public review can be found on the public review page on Joinup.

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