DG MARKT confirms its particiā€¦

DG MARKT confirms its participation in the Core Vocabularies Working Group


DG MARKT has recently confirmed its participation in the Core Vocabularies Working Group as its Unit F2 will take the lead in the development of the Core Business Vocabulary.

The Core Vocabularies Working Group (CV WG) will officially start its activities next week and operates in the context of Action 1.1 of the ISA Programme. It has the objective to review, revise and finalise the specification of the Core Person vocabulary and develop the specification of the Core Business and Core Address vocabularies. The Working Group is divided into 3 Task Forces, each focusing on one Core Vocabulary.

DG MARKT has now confirmed that they will participate and that a representative of DG MARKT Unit F2 will chair the Task Force on the Core Business Vocabulary. They are convinced that the Core Business Vocabulary will be a valuable contribution to the semantic interoperability of European e-Services, when it is developed collaboratively from the start and made available for use by the European Commission, the Member States and other organisations.

An interesting use case of the Core Business Vocabulary is the exchange of information on European Businesses and their interconnections in the context of the European Business Register (EBR). In the "Synthesis of the comments on the Green Paper of the European Commission on the Interconnection of Business registers", a majority of respondents expressed their concerns over the lack of uniform data sets in the business registers of the Member States. Developing and adopting a Core Business Vocabulary will address this lack of uniformity.

Involving the right stakeholders is the key to the success of the Core Vocabularies. With a representative of DG MARKT Unit F2 as chair of the Task Force and with contributions of the Member States, the Core Business Vocabulary already has a very promising outlook.

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