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Discover the main characteristics and how to use the latest release of EntryScape Catalog, a data management platform


EntryScape Catalog is an open source platform proposed by MetaSolutions for the management of data. Its latest release is proposing substantial updates, including the following characteristics:

  1. Full compliance with the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe (DCAT-AP): the open data platform supports national DCAT-AP standards, such as the Swedish and Norwegian standards, as well as multilingual forms and GeoDCAT-AP and StatDCAT-AP. The German and Danish versions of DCAT-AP will be soon made available. In the current state of the EntryScape Catalog, data publishers cannot directly adapt their own standards in the user interface. The next release should give the possibility to have several standards available in one installation, enabling data publishers to choose which standard a specific catalog should comply with.
  2. Inclusion of a checklist to evaluate the new datasets submitted. This checklist is configurable in each installation, but a basic checklist is proposed so that most of the organisations can apply it. The checklist can be found as part of the configuration in the bitbucket repository. As EntryScape is open source, the checklists can be found as part of the configuration in the bitbucket repository.
  3. Collaborative authoring environment.
  4. Automatic generation of CSV files APIs following the W3C recommendations for CSV on the Web. This feature of the platform can be integrated into an organisation portal for search and browse purposes. Currently, the integration is implemented via JavaScript and CSS and only concerns the metadata. Concretely, the JavaScript makes a call to the API, finds a list of published datasets and embeds them as a list into the webpage.
  5. API access to metadata, Linked Data, SPARQL and file download.
  6. Open source and provided as SaaS.
  To see how it works concretely, it is possible to try the free version available or get a first impression by watching their tutorial on:

The ambition of EntryScape is to release between 4 and 5 updates of the platform per year in order to assure a high maintenance activity and responsivity to the needs of the users.

The potential future development of this tool include:

  • A maintenance mode to handle issues and make sure that datasets are updated according to the schedule established;
  • Allowing stakeholders external to an organisation to contribute and share new ideas about new datasets;
  • Improving the API generation, allow APIs to be named, append data to existing APIs, convert from other formats, etc.; and
  • Developing additional tutorials describing in a practical way how to use the different features of the tool.

In addition to EntryScape Catalog, MetaSolutions is releasing EntryScape Terms and EntryScape Workbench:

  • EntryScape Terms allows the management of terminologies (SKOS based) in a manner which can be reused in EntryScape Catalog;
  • EntryScape Workbench supports the management of information based on linked data. For instance, a configuration of EntryScape Workbench could be developed in the near future to allow editing Core vocabularies.
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