ES – CENATIC interested in de…

ES – CENATIC interested in deploying FusionForge ADMS.SW exporter plugin

Published on: 17/10/2012
Last update: 09/10/2017

bulgaria_flag.gif In order to enhance the possibility of exploring, finding and linking software on the Web, the implementation of ADMS.SW in national and regional software forges of European Member States must be encouraged. Because a large majority of these forges are based on GForge / FusionForge instances, it makes sense to develop a plugin to export ADMS.SW software description metadata from GForge / FusionForge-based software instances. In an interview CENATIC declared their enthusiasm for deploying this plugin.

CENATIC, the Spanish National Centre for the Application of Information Technologies and Communications, is running their software forge on FusionForge version 5.1 and is currently migrating to version 5.2. As José Angel Diaz Diaz and Manuel Velardo from CENATIC said, “it would be very interesting to deploy a plugin that can export ADMS.SW-compliant metadata in RDF on the upgraded CENATIC software forge”.

CENATIC already had a look at the current version of the plugin, which was developed by Olivier Berger, member of the ADMS.SW Working Group. However, this plugin only works on FusionForge version 5.1. The plan is now to continue the good work that has been done on this plugin and develop a plugin meeting the requirements of national and regional software forge owners.


CENATIC is a project of the Government of Spain to promote the awareness and use of free and/or open source software in all areas of the society, with a focus on government, businesses, the technology sector provider and / or user of free technologies, and development communities.


The Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software (ADMS.SW) is a metadata vocabulary to describe software making it possible to more easily explore, find, and link software on the Web. By using ADMS.SW to describe software in software forges, repositories, and catalogues, publishers increase discoverability and enable applications easily to consume software metadata. The specification reuses existing specifications, such as DOAP, SPDX, ISO 19770-2, ADMS, and the Trove software map.

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