First deployment of ADMS.SW p…

First deployment of ADMS.SW plugin for FusionForge on Adullact

Published on: 22/05/2013
Last update: 09/10/2017

Adullact.PNG A first deployment of the plugin for exporting ADMS.SW software project metadata from FusionForge instances in RDF has today been executed on

The plugin, developed by Olivier Berger and Roland Mas, enables to export description metadata of the software projects available on a FusionForge instance in ADMS.SW RDF. By deploying the plugin on ADULLACT, more than 500 software projects, together with their software releases and packages are now available in ADMS.SW RDF. The screenshot below shows a preview of an ADMS.SW description of the project “openadresse” generated by the ADMS.SW-link on the project page:

The plugin provides support for extracting metadata via content negotiation for all software projects on the forge or for a particular project. The plugin also makes it possible to extract the Trove taxonomies, used for the classification of the software project, in SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) RDF, a standard vocabulary to describe thesauri, classification schemes... Exports can be done both in the RDF/XML-syntax and in Turtle.

Besides on ADULLACT the plugin is planned to be deployed on CENATIC in the near future.

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ADULLACT supports and coordinates actions of local, regional and national associations and public administrations in order to promote, develop, federate and sustain a common heritage of open source software for the sector public in France.

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