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Flemish Inter-Governmental Product and Service Catalogue adopted by 5 municipalities

Published on: 31/10/2014

In Belgium, the Flemish Government is working closely together with other levels of government towards the use of a single, inter-governmental product and service catalogue (IPDC). Currently, the IPDC is used by several municipalities already.

In Flanders, like in any region, public administrations at all levels of government offer public services to businesses and citizens. With the Intergovernmental Product and Service Catalogue (IPDC) the Flemish Government aims to allow citizens and companies to more easily search for public services provided at the local, provincial, regional, and national levels. This can be achieved by strengthening collaboration between governments at various levels and encouraging them to share descriptions of their products and services with the IPDC. Because the service descriptions are machine-readable, they can be reused in different contexts and by government access portals at different levels of government.

So far, the municipalities of Knokke Heist, De Panne, Ingelmunster, Lebbeke, Torhout, Merelbeke and Zottegem have a local public service catalogue that is fully aligned with the Flemish Inter-Governmental Product and Service Catalog (IPDC). They use software developed by Cevi (Centrum voor Informatica NV). This reusable management tool allows to make simple product descriptors linked to IPDC. Local information such as opening-hours, contact data, and price, are added. This platform allows to easily make amendments to the respective legislative levels. Due to the generic links of the catalog, this results in having the right information on all possible places after changing on one level. Basically, the product information offered is always up-to-date. By not reproducing the same documentation about products and services, the consistency and overall quality of the information is increased.

The IPDC was launched in 2013 and is free for everyone, including for local governments. The catalog contains generic information on all products and services that the government (not only Flemish, including the federal and provincial) is offering. It succesfully implemented the Core Public Service Vocabularies in a test pilot and the recent adoption by the municipalities displays a promising future for its global adoption.  
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