i-Spiegel improves the qualit…

i-Spiegel improves the quality of data managed by Dutch municipalities

Published on: 22/10/2014

More than 34 million data records have already been analysed with i-Spiegel®, helping Dutch municipalities to improve the data that they manage and consequently enhance the quality their public services.

i-Spiegel® is a decentralised, independent measurement system with which Dutch public administrations can measure compliance and synchronicity of their distributed data. The objective of i-Spiegel® is to improve the quality of public administrations’ data and therefore the quality of the services provided to the citizens and businesses. Currently, the measurements can be performed based on citizens’ personal data, address/location data and organisation data.

For example, public administrations store citizens’ personal and location information that is often not valid or up to date. In order to solve this problem, i-Spiegel® measures the compliance and synchronicity of this data against the Dutch base registers. In the Netherlands the use of base registers as authoritative source of information is mandatory by law. The usage of this data is multidimensional and can have positive economic impact. i-Spiegel®, for instance, can be used to map possible financial gain by not sending invoices to non-existent addresses.

i-Spiegel® is developed and provided by VNG (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten) and KING (Kwaliteitsinstituut Nederlandse Gemeenten). For more information you can contact the i-Spiegel® helpdesk: helpdesk@i-spiegel.nl