The ISA Programme is pursuing…

The ISA Programme is pursuing its work on Core Vocabularies


This month, the ISA Programme will start up a Working Group with EU Member State representatives to continue SEMIC.EU?s work on Core Vocabularies.

Between October 2011 and April 2012, the ISA Programme will undertake a number of initiatives as part of Action 1.1, related to Core Vocabularies:

Raise awareness about the importance to agree on a small set of simplified, reusable, context-free core vocabularies as a fundamental semantic basis for interoperable electronic public services;

Specify a process and methodology for developing core vocabularies;

Identify a list of 20-30 core vocabularies to be elaborated in the future and agree on two core vocabularies to be specified first;

Finalise and build consensus on the Core Person vocabulary, intended to become a core vocabulary for any person-related data exchange between public administrations;

Encourage Member States to endorse and reuse the core vocabularies.

In all this, the involvement, active participation, and eventually reuse and endorsement by the ISA Member States and the broader e-Government community are critical success factors. For this reason, you are encouraged to contact us if you would like to contribute. Users will be able to follow up on this work within a dedicated project space on Joinup, ISA?s new collaborative platform.

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