ISA² Programme supports the a…

ISA² Programme supports the activity of the Interinstitutional Formats Committee (IFC) Common Vocabulary Subgroup


The purpose of the project is to provide support to the Interinstitutional Formats Committee (IFC) Common Vocabulary Subgroup, which is mandated to set up a collection of semantic and structural concepts, i.e. the Common Vocabulary. 

About the IFC Common Vocabulary Subgroup

The IFC Common Vocabulary Subgroup consists of representatives from the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament and the Publications Office of the European Union.

The subgroup analyses the documents that the Institutions exchange. The starting points of the analysis are the documents from the Ordinary Legislative Procedure, such as legal acts and regulations, from which semantic and structural elements are extracted. The Common Vocabulary gathers these elements, and the members of the subgroup agree with consensus on the structure of the documents, and the concepts that will be used.  

Support from ISA² Programme

To support and facilitate the work of the IFC Common Vocabulary Subgroup, the following activities are carried out:

  • Help the Subgroup apply the ISA process and methodology in practice (e.g. time plan, organisation of issues, technical support on the use of the tools, etc.);
  • Provide the means for communication and collaboration (i.e. Jira platform); and
  • Assist in facilitating the minutes by providing support on Jira and drafting the meeting minutes.
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