Just released: ADMS.SW Valida…

Just released: ADMS.SW Validator to verify and visualise RDF software metadata

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Published on: 05/11/2012
Last update: 04/10/2017

We have just released v0.1 of the ADMS.SW Validator, an RDF verification and visualisation framework for ADMS.SW and the Joinup application profile for ADMS.SW. 

ADMS.SW Validator - visualise and verify RDF data - using SPARQL and JavaScript

The validator allows users to verify whether software description metadata conforms to the specifications in the Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software (ADMS.SW) and the (future) Joinup application profile for ADMS.SW. In particular it allows verifying that the following types of anomalies are not present in the schema:

  • Syntactical errors (e.g. ill-formatted dates);
  • Controlled vocabularies (e.g. no usage of the software taxonomies);
  • Logical errors (e.g. duplicate language tags); and
  • Missing information (e.g. missing language tags, mandatory properties and relationships).

The validator is implemented as an XHTML page, capable of launching a single SPARQL SELECT query with the validation logic and a few lines of JavaScript to call the SPARQL endpoint – we recommend using Apache Fuseki. For a (set of) uploaded RDF file(s) the ADMS.SW Validator will return a list of detected errors and warnings.

ADMS.SW Validator - validation result

Software description metadata can be conform to the specification but still not sensible. To validate an ADMS.SW file, a human must assess whether the conveyed information is meaningful. This can be most easily done in a format that humans can easily read: text documents. For a (set of) uploaded RDF file(s) the ADMS.SW Validator will return a list of description metadata, according to the structured displayed in the Figure below.

AMDS.SW Validator - Visualisation - SPARQL and XSLT magic

Version 0.1 of the ADMS.SW validator can be downloaded from the ADMS.SW release page. Comments and questions can be posted on the support forum of the ADMS.SW project on Joinup (registration required).


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