New mappings of ISA Core Vocabularies to Fedict's canonical data model

New mappings of ISA Core Voca…

Published on: 01/06/2016 Last update: 31/10/2017 News

A new set of mappings from the ISA Core Vocabularies to Fedict's canonical data model is now available

Fedict provides a catalogue of web services to public administrations and the general public, offering a safe and secured access to authentic sources of information. For a complete list of web services and technical documentation, visit the catalogue's homepage.

The PersonServices service family allows to check, search, create, and update information related to person identity in the Belgian National Registry and the BISregistry (KSZ/BCSS). For more details click here.

With the support of the SEMIC team, Fedict created mappings at the conceptual level between the ISA Core Vocabularies and the canonical data model which is implemented by the PersonServices. For details on how to create mappings between two data models, read the Handbook for using the Core Vocabularies. The mappings are published on This is a step forward to increase discoverability of public sector information, for the benefit of citizens and businesses.

As a next step, Fedict will describe the mappings in the XSD files behind its web services.